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GRP water tanks ideal for water and some chemicals.


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We are please to offer you a wide range of FiberGlass (GRP) products such as water tanks for all differnet types of use and with a varity of sizes and litrage. We also have a good range of GRP sectional buildings.

All our one piece and split tanks are manufactured to European Standards ad are WRAS approved We also comply with UK Water Supply Regulations 1999 and Buelaws 2000 (Scotland)

Please call our hotline and we can advise you on the tank that is right for you.

0871 200 2082

" piece and split tanks come with a ten year guarantee."


Base Support
All tanks must be fully supported over the whole base area, with a support system designed to accept the tank and lid together with the weight of contents and pipe work. ..... Read More

Sectional GRP Tank
To complete our range of tanks, we offer sectional tanks that are made from hot pressed moulded panels to British and European Standards. Although there is no gel coat, what you have is an isophthalic resin rich inner surface ideal for storing whole some water.... Read More

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